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Tester Provide Various Courses To Increase Career Opportunity In Various Industries


We offer the most convenient and affordable  training program available. Our  Certificate Training Program gives you the skills to enter into a rewarding new career in different sectors.

This institute is an industry oriented training center which recognizes the importance of the well trained manpower in effective implementation of appropriate Testing techniques. This institute caters to the training requirements of engineers, supervisors and NDT operators. The faculty consists of well-qualified and experienced personnel 



Detailed course-work combined with hands-on experience result in a high level of competence and understanding of inspection theories and concepts. 


TESTER provides focused education that integrates the best of practical application. Our team is qualified by years of hands on experience, education, and accredited by ASNT.


All scheduling arrangements of training programs are processed through our training department. All scheduling arrangements are scheduled at our portal regularly


Registration for a course is easy !  We accept online registrations using our registration form or you may contact one of our faculty for other accepted forms and payment.


Examination result is send at your register mail id or it can be check by  login  your account. After examination result, within 3 days, training certificate is issue.


Any queries regarding training or courses are solve by us with first priority. any queries kindly contact us.                                                                                                                                    

Tester Lab Pvt. Ltd. features and benefits

Well Qualified Faculty

The faculty consists of well-qualified and experienced personnel 

Job Assurity

We have developed strong alliances and strategic partnerships with various client in the industry.

On Job Training

Concurrent project with multiple clients explore in several areas to get hands on experience on projects


ASNT Certification and ASNT Level II  Re-Certification done as per SNT TC 1A 2016.

Job oportunities

Internship program

Tester Lab Pvt. Ltd has provides internship program to build career opportunity in various industrial sector.

As soon as you arrive at TESTER for your training our job placement team starts working immediately to find an NDT career that’s right for you. The TESTER Institute of Nondestructive Testing holds a 82% placement rate of our candidates.

During your  training you will meet representatives from inspection companies and be interviewed for various entry level NDT opportunities.

Let us customize a training program for you that meets your training requirements.
Inspection services from tester lab

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Intership Programs

Tester Lab Pvt. Ltd has conduct internship program to build career opportunity for various industrial sectors