Third Party Inspection

Experience that matters


We ensure that the quality and performance of products or installations meet applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client specific. We help to improve the integrity, quality and efficiency of equipment, assure safe and health working conditions for employees and minimize the environmental impact of industrial activities.


Tester provides inspection and quality assurance services to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their specific industry vertical. 


Tester has extensive experience across all major industries.  Its’ highly trained teams provide clients with deep industry knowledge, best practices and expert perspectives for problem resolutions.


We employ talented and enthusiastic professionals who are committed to safety, quality, and exceptional client service. Working safely is a condition of employment. We take care of our employees and our employees take care of our clients.

Our Inspection Competence Include

Design and structural Verification

Document Verification

ASME ( American Society of Mechanical Engineers ) Inspection

ASME Authorized Inspection Agency

ASME Certification And Stamping

Certification According To API

Factory Acceptance Test

Evaluation of Second Hand (Used) Machinery

In-Process Inspection

Statutory And Voluntary Inspections

Electrical Equipment Verification / Inspection

Electrical Installations, Inspection & Verification

Quality Audit To Subcontractor Behalf Of Client

Powder Coating Inspection Behalf of client

Galvanizing Inspection & Reports Endorsement As a TPI Inspection Agency

Rio Machine Tools Private Limited

Welder Qualification Witnessing, Welding Procedure Preparation, Welder Certificate Renewal

Hydro test witnessing, Pneumatic Test Witnessing

Dimensional Inspection, Structural Alignment & Bolt Tightening Inspection

Material Receiving Inspection & Report Submission

MTC Review & Mechanical Test Witness For Material Identification

Pre Shipment Inspection / Load Out Inspection At Ports

Stage Wise Witness & Report Submission as a TPI Agency

Coating Condition Monitoring Services

Coating Pull Of Test Witness And Reports Endorsements As a TPI

Blasting & Coating Inspection Along With Chloride And Visual Test As Per Client Spec As a TPI

Third Party Inspection Service.

Inspection is carried out in accordance to the rules and guidelines laid down by various International regulatory bodies such as: IS, ASTM, ANSI, ASME, API, ISO, DIN, EC, etc. Our state-of-the-art testing procedures and expertise of our highly qualified personnel allow detection of the defects at an early stage, thus saving time, energy and money.